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2017 Reunion for 1967 Graduates Invitation

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2017 Reunion- Guild Council 1966

Convocation is delighted to invite all graduates and diplomates of 1967 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their graduation at our thirty second annual reunion.

Date: Saturday 21 October 2017
Time: 11.00 am start
Venue: The Old Ref in Hackett Hall

The reunion is an opportunity for you and your partner to catch up with old friends and join fellow graduates in celebrating the 50th Anniversary of your graduation from the University of Western Australia. Over the past thirty three years, the 50th Anniversary Reunion celebrations organized by Convocation have become a key annual event in the UWA Calendar. The reunions are always well-attended with many graduates flying in from interstate and overseas to meet up with former friends, Convocation Council members and University officials.Graduates of earlier years who either attended or were unable to attend the reunion for their year, and who would like to come to this celebration, are most welcome to join in the fun on this occasion.

The reunion will include an excellent lunch in the Old Ref  and other entertainments.

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Reunion Booklet of Biographies

A significant element of the celebration will be a booklet produced by Convocation, containing brief biographies and profiles of graduates. This has proven to be a source of considerable pleasure and interest. It is also a valuable historical record, and we invite you to contribute to this as soon as possible even if you are unable to attend. We would be grateful if you could forward your details promptly so that we can commence work on the booklet. The booklets are given to all the year's graduates and deposited in the UWA Archives.Closing date for Biographies: Friday 8 September 2017

Submit your biography and photo online

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Past Reunion Booklets

You can download PDF versions of recent booklets below.


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Help Find "Lost" 1967 Graduates

We wish to locate graduates with whom the University has lost contact. As we would like to be able to invite as many as possible, your assistance in locating the addresses for these graduates would be much appreciated.

List of "Lost" 1967 Graduates 

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Join the 2017 Reunion Committee

The 2017 committee of Di Adler, Pat Colgan, Bill Ford, Peter Forrestal, Ross George, Cynthia Gregory, Jan Lord, Ann O’Hare, Joan Pope, Les Pyke, Hugh Richardson, Kerry Ross, Tony Tate, Heather Thanos and Pauline Tremlett would be pleased to hear from you if you would like to join them on this year’s committee

Please contact the Event Coordinator Pauline Tremlett, email if you wish to become involved

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Previous 50th Reunion Comments

I had a great time - thank you for the effort and preparation of yourself and committee.

Thank you very much for a really outstanding luncheon today. I know the Events committee helped but you were clearly the main players.

What a wonderful afternoon it was ! Thank you for organising it and being such a good MC. I enjoyed myself a lot. UWA is such a special place for me. I caught up with 6 people I knew after not expecting to know anyone ! Please be sure to invite me to the 100th anniversary also !
I am heading back to ?the eastern states? this morning.
Thanks again and best wishes

Thanks for your efforts in organising an excellent 50th reunion: is there another one for 100th?

Thank you for a very lovely Convocation lunch yesterday. The amount of preparation that goes into such an event is not trivial!! I appreciate the care and attention to every aspect. I think that all those who attended would have gone home having experienced a most memorable UWA engagement. I certainly did

I HAVE to Compliment you and your assistants on a fantastic 50TH REUNION. What a great day. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Your organisation was a credit to all involved. Great food and wine. Plenty of laughs.
Well done.

Really nice to meet you, and thanks for the efforts of you and your team for putting on the 2016 50th anniversary reunion. It was an excellent show, with well-selected and entertaining speakers, and luxurious catering.
I went along, only half expecting to see anyone I knew, but saw six friends, had a tug at the heartstrings from an old flame, plus came away with a couple of new acquaintances as well.

This is just to let you know how much I enjoyed the Luncheon yesterday. I did my degree part time, so I did not know many fellow-graduates at the function. Nevertheless, it was good to catch up with the few that I did, and to meet up with the great John Inverarity himself. There was also the pleasure of making new acquaintances at my table. As for Joan and Pauline, I just loved watching them in action!
Thank you also for your hospitality. The tour, the meal, the carefully displayed memorabilia, all went to make me very glad I attended.
Very best wishes for Convocation's future ventures

I want to congratulate the Warden, Professor Warren Kerr, Convocation members, Mrs Pauline Tremlett and the committee organisers of the reunion of 1966 grads today.
From the comments of those I spoke to, everyone enjoyed the experience very much. The luncheon food was a very high standard, beautifully presented and delicious. Please thank the attentive staff and chef. Also the wines were well chosen -- the best Margaret River wines. Please pass on my thanks to Peter Forrestal and those involved in providing and choosing the wine and champagne. Having breaks between courses gave us an opportunity to catch up with friends, some of whom we hadn?t seen for 50 years. Well organised!
The speakers were so entertaining ? especially Ashley Arbuckle. Reminiscences from Dr Graves, Eversley Mortlock, and John Inverarity were delightful and very much appreciated. Mrs Elizabeth Heenan, Dr Michael Wood and Professor Helen Wildy were also very interesting and eloquent speakers! I was astounded that in 1966 there were only 5,500 students and only one quarter of those were women. But we lived in a special community, separate from the rest of the city when social contact was important, not via email or sms but face to face conversation, in the ref or around the beautiful grounds of the UWA campus.
Thank you all so much for organising this event to celebrate 50 years, to meet old friends and remember a magical time in the 60?s which can never be forgotten.

It was a wonderful afternoon! It is really a great idea of Convocation to organise these reunions. As you rightly say, it keeps the links alive between former students and the University, to the benefit of both. Neither Melbourne Uni [where I got my medical degree] nor Monash University [where I got my PhD] have done anything similar with their graduates?..or if they have I don?t know about it!
At first I couldn?t understand why there were so many old people there?.and then I realised I was one of them !! As I think I said in my 2 minute presentation, UWA is definitely something special !!

Just a few lines to say to you and all your team a heartfelt "Thank you!" for the wonderful UWA 50th anniversary of graduation celebration this Saturday past. I love reunions but this was a very special one and you had thought of all the ways to make it perfect. Thank you too for including my bio. sketch in its entirety. The others are fascinating to read and contemplate our fortunate lives.
I must admit some feelings of melancholy, that many names of my cohort were listed as deceased. However, I was glad of the reminders to continue to "Seek Wisdom," and in this instance the motto serves better than "Pursue Impossible." I hope I will find wisdom yet! My (middle) son Tim also thoroughly enjoyed the event. It meant a great deal to me that he could be there too. Would you please let your team know how much we appreciated all aspects of the occasion.

Just a note to thank you and all the workers who made the Reunion on Saturday so enjoyable. The whole day was so well organized and the attention to detail amazing. Particularly I note the exam questions Joan Pope had laminated as place mats. I well remember the trauma of the Milton poetry questions! Many thanks to you all and particularly you Pauline.

I would like to thank you for organizing the reunion on Saturday and congratulate you for the way the day went. It was very well done: everything went smoothly, the food and wine were excellent and the company was great.

I did enjoy the Reunion. A great deal. Not least the tour with Ron Bodycoat. Thanks to Pauline, Joan and you for all of your efforts so make it such a good and enjoyable occasion.

Thanks to yourself and Joan for the great effort in making this year's celebration such a success

That was a pretty good show last Saturday. Much more the thing! We do like to circulate and talk to one another. I met others not just from UWA, but from high school and even 2 from my primary school class. Many I probably won't meet again, so this was a special time to touch one another's lives a little and see what the last 50 years have brought.
My congratulations and gratitude to the hard working team who brought this together.

Congratulations on organising the most successful day on Saturday.
UWA is very fortunate to have people like you and Joan who make events such as that so memorable.

Congratulations on the Reunion. It was terrific. And the key thing was that the focus was on us catching up with friends and colleagues from our Uni days.

I thought Saturday?s function was up there with the best. Tourers were attentive, interested and appreciative. As one speaker mentioned, he was touched to actually be in the Senate Room. Well done Pauline and Joan! And the committee.

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