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The Graduate Lifetime Email Address is a service provided by Convocation for graduates of the University. A Graduate Email has the form, and can be used to contact you even if you change your home or workplace email account.


When you set up your Graduate Email, you are required to nominate an address - your home or work account, or a webmail account - where email will be delivered. You can update your Graduate Email settings to deliver mail to a new account at any time.Update Email Settings

To sign up for a Graduate Email, you need to know your UWA student number and a few personal details. You also need an existing email account that your Graduate Email will deliver to.

If you have questions or need help with your Graduate Email, please contact the Office of Convocation.

  1. Using Lifetime Email with Webmail
  2. Using Lifetime Email at Work or Home
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Using Lifetime Email with Webmail

A number of free webmail services are available - these services provide an email account, space to store sent and received emails, and a web interface (and phone apps) to read those emails. They offer the convenience of being able to access your email from any internet connection, and the safeguard of having an online backup of your messages.

Gmail is the recommended webmail service for use with Graduate Email. Other similar services, like Hotmail and Yahoo Mail, have a greater tendency to incorrectly filter Graduate Email messages as spam. Of course, you are welcome to use your Graduate Email with any service you prefer.

To receive Graduate Email, just configure your Graduate Email to forward to your webmail address.

Note: Because of the way that Gmail stores threaded conversations, sending a test message from your Gmail account to your graduate address will appear to not work. This is because Gmail treats the returned mail as a duplicate and does not display it. You will need to send test messages from another account, or get someone else to send you a message.

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Using Lifetime Email at Work or Home

You probably already have an email account with your home Internet Service Provider, or use a work email. Setting up your Graduate Email to work with these accounts is easy.
If you already collect email from your ISP, you don't need to change any of the settings in your email program (such as Outlook, Eudora or Thunderbird). Just set your Graduate Email to forward to your home email address, and you will receive your Graduate Email along with your usual email. Similarly, you can set your Graduate Email to forward to your work address and receive messages that way.
If you change your workplace or your home ISP, you can simply update your Graduate Email to redirect to your new email account.

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