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Sports scholarship

Each year, Convocation makes available a Scholarship to assist one male and one female student to combine their studies with a sporting career.

Graduates of the University of Western Australia have contributed to provide for the Scholarship, whose purpose is to provide financial assistance to students who have demonstrated both sporting excellence (or potential sporting excellence), and a sustained level of proficient academic performance, to enable them to further their sporting careers or achievements.

The Scholarship may be used to acquire equipment, to defray travel expenses incurred in attending a sporting event, or to meet other appropriate costs associated with the recipient's sporting career.

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  2. Applications
  3. Eligibility Requirements
  4. Selection Criteria
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  6. 2017 Convocation Sports Scholarships
  7. Roll of Honour


The value of the Scholarship is determined each year by the Council of Convocation and the UWA Sport and Recreation Association. In 2013, the prize winners were awarded $3,000 each.

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Applications for the 2017 Sports Scholarships are closed, and will reopen in 2018.

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Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to apply for a scholarship, an applicant must be:

  1. enrolled as a part-time or full-time student at the University of Western Australia in an undergraduate degree course;
  2. and able to provide evidence of sporting excellence.

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Selection Criteria

The scholarship is awarded to the applicant who, in the opinion of the selection committee, best demonstrate

  1. academic achievement;

  2. sporting achievements; and

  3. benefits which are anticipated from being in receipt of the scholarship.

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More Information

For more information regarding the Scholarship, please contact Sue Gliddon

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2017 Convocation Sports Scholarships

At the 2017 Awards Ceremony the 2017 Convocation Sports Scholarships where acknowledged and certificates presented.

The male winner is Ben Craig, a member of the Kookaburras- the national hockey team of Australia. After playing well across three series' in New Zealand, Melbourne and Bendigo Ben was awarded a place in the National Senior Squad for 2017. To date this year he has played Pakistan in Darwin, the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in Malaysia and is preparing for the World League Finals in December in India. This is all done with the distant goal of Tokyo 2020 in mind, with other milestones along the way such as the Commonwealth Games and World Cup in 2018. The scholarship will allow Ben to cover some of the costs of being on tour for such a large portion of the year.

The female winner is Danielle Ten Vaanholt, who first joined Australian Senior National Synchronised Swimming Team in 2014 and has competed at many international competitions as a part of that team. Including the Commonwealth Open, the Canadian Open, the Spanish Open, FINA World Cup in Quebec City and World Championships in Kazan, Russia. During her time on the National team she had put her study on a temporary hiatus, Danielle has now returned to schooling, studying Biochemistry and Mechanical Engineering while balancing synchro alongside. This scholarship will allow Danielle to further juggle her two passions of education and sport.

  2017 Convocation Sports Scholarship winner Danielle Ten Vaanholt    

  2017 Convocation Sports Scholarship winner Danielle Ten Vaanholt    

 2017 Convocation Sports Scholarship Winner Ben Craig

  2017 Convocation Sports Scholarship Winner Ben Craig 

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Roll of Honour

2017 Winners

Ben Craig

Danielle Ten Vaanholt

2016 Winners

Grant Szalek

Jodie Palmer

2014 Winners

Isabella King

Timothy Widdicombe

2013 Winners

Samantha Richards

Timothy Widdicombe

2012 Winners

Isabella King

Christopher Bausor

2011 Winners

Isabella King

Timothy Widdicombe

2010 Winners

Janine Murray

2009 Winners

Zoe Timmers

Reece Baker

2008 Winners

Megan Bagworth

Ben McCleery

2007 Winners

Jessica Jordan

Ben McCleery

2006 Winners

Jessica Jordan

Jamie Beadsworth

2005 Winners

Claire McLean

Adam Lucas

2004 Winners

Kylie Wheeler

Adam Lucas

2003 Winners

Amity Campbell

David Dennis

2002 Winners

Amy Ash