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2017 Reunion

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The annual 50th Anniversary Reunion of Graduates of 1967 was held in the Old Ref in Hacket Hall at the University of Western Australia on 21 October 2017. It was an outstanding success with many friendships being rekindled and wonderful stories exchanged.

2016 Reunion

The wet weather failed to dampen the spirits of the graduates of 1967 who gathered in Hackett Hall to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of their graduations. Some returned to WA from the ACT, New South Wales and Tasmania for the occasion. Several came up (or down) from the country. 

Reunion booklets

The booklet produced by Convocation, contains brief biographies and profiles of graduates. The booklets are given to all the years graduates and deposited in the UWA Archives.

50th Reunion Booklet for the Graduates of 1967

You can download a PDF versions of recent booklets below.


50th Reunion Proceedings

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50th Reunion 1967

50th Reunion Comments

“We really appreciated the thought that had gone into the luncheon - walks , food, drinks, company, speeches, booklets, memorabilia, placemats (could have been back-to-back!) All was excellent. Thank you. A few of my friends from 1968 Graduation are looking forward to their lunch already.”
“I have only praise for every aspect of the reunion. We were well prepared for it; the tour of Winthrop Hall etc was very interesting; it was great to meet former acquaintances and catch up with their careers. I enjoyed reading the booklet which was professionally presented. The meal was excellent as were the wines. I wondered if lunch would last until 3.30, but it did, with no dull moments. Speeches were also appropriate and brief. My thanks to the organising committee for a superb occasion. UWA continues to do everything very well! ”
“That was totally marvellous. I'm very glad to have had the opportunity to attend, it was full of surprises! Your team did a wonderful job, and I must apologise for not saying so earlier. ”
“The reunion was an excellent, most enjoyable event. I organized a side event on the following day for six fellow graduates who were part of our 1966 Physical and Inorganic Chemistry honours year (graduating in 1967).
The pre-lunch tours were fine. I went on the Library tour and was greatly impressed with the dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm of our tour leader, the Librarian. The new facility on the ground floor (the basement in my day) was particularly attractive and provides a central locus for university social and intellectual commerce. I also enjoyed the tour arranged for me of the 'new' guild building. I recommend the University give consideration of on campus (by which I mean in the centre of the campus, not the periphery) accommodation for a mix of Australian and international students.
The lunch was first class with the right mix and duration of speeches. How long do I have to wait for the next one? My PhD graduation was, I think, in 1972. ”
“It was a simply wonderful day! Heartiest congratulations on all your organisational talents. Your attention to detail was amazing. The ref looked absolutely splendid, the food was great, the wines were superb (thank you Peter), the memorabilia display fascinating, the speeches balanced and heart-warming.The tour we did with Terry on Winthrop Hall was wonderful. Can’t believe I knew so little about the history and architecture. But I guess at 17-20 years old, there were other priorities!
It was a privilege to meet you Pauline (committee) and again, I am full of admiration. Thank you. ”
“Thanks for an excellent day: well organised, great to see 'old' colleagues, everything enjoyable. A credit to the University. Congratulations to the hard-working team who put it all together ”
“The organisers did a magnificent job in putting this reunion together. The day was a delight – the conducted tour was informative and provoked some dormant memories from the past, the lunch was super and the company astonishing as for some it was catching up on 50 years of experiences.
Thank you so much. ”
“What a pleasure it was to have been involved I n the organisation of the reunion - and to attend this terrific event.”
“I smile every time I think of the reunion!
Thanks to all of the hardworking committee members.
Today it has been a great pleasure to take my time going through all the photos.
My only complaint is that I would like to have gone on ALL the tours!
It was great to catch up with old friends.
Now for the next 50 ”
“A big thank you to the Warden, Deputy Warden of Convocation, Convocation Officer, Pauline Tremlett and her team of assistants responsible for the 50th Reunion of the UWA Graduates of 1967 on 21 October 2017.
I had the pleasure to enjoy this memorable reunion at Hackett Hall. The day was very special to all who attended this trip down memory lane. It was great to renew old acquaintances over a delicious meal in the Old Ref and view changes to the campus under the guidance of expert tour leaders. I only heard positive comments from people around me and I feel it is fitting to pass them on. .”
“We wish to congratulate the Committee on arranging an excellent function.Although I was the only Dental graduate present it was a very enjoyable day.
We joined the tour of the grounds and it was worth attending for that alone. The format is good and and I would certainly recommend that graduates attend in the future.
The food, wine and service were all very pleasing.