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First Ordinary Meeting of Convocation for 2016

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Meeting Agenda

  1. Minutes of the Second Ordinary Meeting held on Friday 18 September 2015
  2. Amendments and motion of acceptance of minutes
  3. Business arising from the minutes
  4. Correspondence
  5. Results of Convocation Elections for Warden, Deputy Warden, Members of the Council of Convocation
  6. Vice-Chancellor's Report
  7. Guild President's Report
  8. Warden of Convocation's Report
  9. Convocation Officer's Report
  10. Other Business
  11. Presentation by Guest Speaker Hon Peter Collier MLC who will speak on "The role of the State in Higher Education"


The First Ordinary Meeting of Convocation for 2016 was held on Friday 1 April in The University Club of Western Australia Banquet Hall.

For those who were unable to attend the meeting, Convocation is delighted to provide the following record of the proceedings, including Hon Peter Collier's address, The role of the State in Higher Education.

Guest Speaker - Hon Peter Collier MLC

Guest Speaker - Hon Peter Collier MLC
Minister for Education; Aboriginal Affairs; Electoral Affairs 

Education has been a lifelong passion for the Hon. Peter Collier MLC. Following his graduation from UWA with teaching qualifications in 1981, he spent 23 years in Western Australian classrooms as a teacher in public and private schools.

Following his decision to enter politics, Peter Collier was elected to State Parliament on February 26, 2005.  Following his re-election in September 2008, he was sworn in as Minister for Energy and Training. In July 2012 Peter was assigned ministerial responsibility for Education,Energy and Indigenous Affairs. Following the Liberal-National Government’s re-election in March 2013, Peter was appointed Minister for Education, Aboriginal Affairs (previously Indigenous Affairs), and Electoral Affairs. In addition, Peter was elected by his colleagues as Leaderof the Government in the Legislative Council.

Hon Peter Collier MLC is Minister for Education, Aboriginal Affairs, and Electoral Affairs.

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