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Autumn Ordinary Meeting 2018

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Meeting Agenda

  1. Minutes of the Spring Ordinary Meeting held on Friday 15th September 2017
  2. Amendments and motion of acceptance of minutes
  3. Business arising from the minutes 
  4. Correspondence
  5. Results of Convocation Elections for Warden, Deputy Warden, Members of the Council of Convocation and one Member to Senate
  6. Vice-Chancellor's Report
  7. Guild President's Report
  8. Warden's Report 
  9. Convocation Officer's Report
  10. Other Business
  11. Q & A session


The Autumn Ordinary Meeting of Convocation for 2018 was held on Friday 23 March in The University Club of Western Australia Banquet Hall.


For those who were unable to attend the meeting, Convocation is delighted to provide the following record of the proceedings, including The Patrick Cornish address.

Guest Speaker - Patrick Cornish

Guest Speaker - Patrick Cornish 


Patrick Cornish has UWA to thank for life lessons as well as prods along the path to a career.

Having worked as a journalist on daily newspapers for most of his working life, he is now mainly involved in compiling obituaries as well as writing/editing non-fiction books.

It was Pelican, he is proud to say, that first bore him half a century ago towards a life of professional writing. Work on the student paper taught him where to speak up and when to shut up.

He is delighted to accept the occasional speaking engagement "because I always learn from the opportunity."

On campus at Crawley he completed a BA Hons and MA in English literature. Joining Camp for Kids showed him the wide world of volunteering. Marching in protest at the Vietnam War confirmed the need to bring governments to heel.


Years later, part-time tutoring in the English Department led to his writing a satirical play about student inattention. Editing a book to mark the centenary of the Guild of Undergraduates was an honour.

"And I learned Japanese here," he adds. "This university has been a guide for which I'm grateful."

Videos of 2018 Autumn Ordinary Meeting

2018 Autumn Ordinary Meeting ~ Section 1



2018 Autumn Ordinary Meeting ~ Section 2


Questions and Answers Session

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2018 Autumn Ordinary Meeting 

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