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Autumn Ordinary Meeting 2019

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Meeting Agenda

  1. Minutes of the Spring Ordinary Meeting held on Friday 21  September 2018
  2. Amendments and motion of acceptance of minutes
  3. Business arising from the minutes 
  4. Correspondence
  5. Results of Convocation Elections for Warden, Deputy Warden, Members of the Council of Convocation and one Member to Senate
  6. Vice-Chancellor's Report
  7. Guild President's Report
  8. Warden's Report 
  9. Convocation Officer's Report
  10. Other Business
  11. Q & A session


The Autumn Ordinary Meeting of Convocation for 2019 was held on Friday 22nd March in The University Club of Western Australia Banquet Hall.


Convocation was delighted to present Craig James, David Bean, and Verity Keogh as our Guest Speakers for the Autumn Ordinary Meeting of 2019.

Guest Speaker:James Craig

Craig James OAM is a graduate of UWA and a practicing Property Lawyer since his admission in December 1975. He holds the position of Senior Lawyer with Irdi Legal.

Craig James joined the Boat Club in March 1969 in its 50th year, in 1970 joined the UWABC Committee and for the next 10 years held positions of Treasurer, Captain, Registrar and Editor as well as representing the University at 4 Intervarsity Regattas.

Craig holds Life Memberships of the Club and of Rowing WA and is a member of the UWABC and RWA Boards.

Guest Speaker:David Bean

David Bean is Deputy Headmaster and Director of Curriculum, Hale School, and has over 35 years' experience in education. He is a graduate of UWA, B.A (1st class Honours) and a Rhodes Scholar.

He has been actively involved with rowing in WA for over thirty years.

Captain of UWABC in 1976, a Life Member of the Club and now a UWABC Board member, David has also been a vice president of Rowing WA, a state, club and school coach and was editor of Australian Rowing magazine.

Verity Keogh

Verity Keogh: UWA Alumni (BSc BE 1995-2000, Grad Dip Ed 2001)UWABC club member 1993-1998, 2003-05.

"UWA has been an important part of my life as long as I can remember, from Uni Care as an infant, Uni Sport as a child to studying as a student and being an active member of the Boat Club, UWA has had a continuing influence on my life "

Involvement in co-curricular activities as a student translated into diverse career opportunities leading to my current role as Executive Officer of the Public Schools Association.

Verity is the Director, High Performance, on the Rowing WA Board.

" The Q&A session has been replaced with Questions on Notice to the Panel.  Questions should be brief (max. 80 words), address one topic only and must be received in writing no later than 8 March. Please return questions with your RSVP form or email your questions to Juanita Perez


Videos of 2019 Autumn Ordinary Meeting

2019 Convocation Autumn Ordinary Meeting - Formal Meeting



2019 Convocation Autumn Ordinary Meeting - Guest Speakers



2019 Convocation Autumn Ordinary Meeting - Questions and Answers Session



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2019 Autumn Ordinary Meeting

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