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Spring Ordinary Meeting 2018

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Meeting Agenda

  1. Minutes of the Autumn Ordinary Meeting held on Friday 23 March 2018
  2. Amendments and motion of acceptance of minutes
  3. Business arising from the minutes 
  4. Correspondence
  5. Vice-Chancellor's Report
  6. Guild President's Report
  7. Warden's Report 
  8. Convocation Officer's Report
  9. Audit Report
  10. Other Business


The Spring Ordinary Meeting of Convocation for 2018 was held on Friday 21 September in The University Club of Western Australia Banquet Hall.

  Guest Speaker -  Ms Jill Benn

Guest Speaker -   Ms Jill Benn, University Librarian

Convocation was delighted to present Ms Jill Benn as our Guest Speaker for the Spring Ordinary Meeting of 2018.

Jill Benn is the University Librarian at the University of Western Australia, responsible for Library service delivery across the UWA campus.  Jill is leading the transformation of libraries at UWA including the establishment of an award-winning 700-seat student collaborative learning space in the Reid Library, and the significant and innovative refurbishment of the J. Robin Warren (formerly Medical and Dental) Library.

Jill  is focused on client engagement, partnership and high quality as a key strategy for Library service development. Jill holds a number of national and international leadership roles, including as Program Director (Fair, Affordable and Open Access to Knowledge) for the Council of Australian University Librarians, and as the Australian representative on the International Association of University Librarians Board.

Ms Jill Benn gave a talk on " Reinvention of the Library in the Digital Age ".


Videos of 2018 Spring Ordinary Meeting

2018 Convocation Spring Ordinary Meeting - Formal Meeting



2018 Convocation Spring Ordinary Meeting - Guest Speaker



2018 Convocation Spring Ordinary Meeting - Questions and Answers Session



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2018 Spring Ordinary Meeting

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