Convocation of UWA Graduates

Council Strategic Plan 2023-2026


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As many of you are aware, Convocation Council has been working hard to develop a new Strategic Plan for the next three years.  As indicated at the Spring General Meeting, implementation of this Strategic Plan will require some changes to the Convocation chapter of the UWA Statute. These have been discussed with the Chancellor and our Governance Committee is working on these at present before consideration by the Senate.

We are very excited by the opportunities that the Plan presents for us to:

  • Revitalise the structure and resources of Convocation Council.
  • Provide greater opportunities for Convocation members to actively engage, network and celebrate.
  • Increase Convocation Council's engagement with UWA Schools, clubs and societies.
  • Increase Convocation Council’s role as a valued advocate for UWA and tertiary education, a contributor to UWA initiatives and a constructive critic.
  • Contribute to the advancement of our University, Convocation, higher education and our community.

The Strategic Plan is now available online Council Strategic Plan 2023-26 for your perusal. We value your opinions and look forward to your comments. Please send to me at [email protected] by c.o.b. 30 November 2022.


Emeritus Professor Jenny Gregory AM