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Elections 2015: Electronic Voting Project

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Electronic voting 2015

Convocation is currently working on a project to enable members to cast their votes online in Convocation elections.

At present, University Statutes explicitly require postal voting.

This method is time-consuming and expensive, and does not allow Convocation to communicate quickly and cost-effectively with its members. In order for online voting to become a reality, these Statutes will need to be altered. The University Senate will consider amendments to Statutes 9 and 12 in 2014. From there, the amendments will be presented at an Ordinary Meeting of Convocation for members’ consideration. Finally, the amendments will go to the State Parliament to be made into law. The 2014 elections are being conducted via postal vote under the auspices of the WA Electoral Commission. In the future, Convocation plans to have an online voting system in place for its elections. Postal voting will of course still be available for those who are unable or unwilling to vote electronically. In preparation for electronic voting, please make sure that Convocation has your contact details, especially your preferred email address. If you would prefer that we continue to post voting papers to you, please let us know and make sure that we have your current address.

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