Convocation of UWA Graduates

Elections 2018 One Member of Senate

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Election for members of Convocation Council and one member of Senate in accordance with Statutes 9 and 12 of The University of Western Australia Act 1911

Election of One Member of Senate by ConvocationĀ 

Candidates in this election are:

  • Brett DAVIES
  • Hilary SILBERT
  • Simon DAWKINS

All graduates of The University of Western Australia are automatically members of Convocation and are entitled to vote in this election.

Voting papers will be posted out to all members of Convocation in February 2018.

Voting papers must reach:
CorpVote Voting Services
UWA Convocation-Election of Senate Member
Reply Paid 2432

no later than 5.00pm Tuesday 13th March 2018

For any queries contact the Returning Officer by phone: 1300 147 797 or email: [email protected] and include your postal address.