Convocation of UWA Graduates

2017 Convocation Awards Ceremony

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The Postgraduate Research Travel Awards enable postgraduate research students to enhance and gain new perspectives on their work through travel in Australia or overseas.

The Awards were established to mark the 75th Anniversary of the University, and have since been supported by the generous donations of graduates, with assistance from the University Research Committee and the Postgraduate Students' Association.

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Awards Ceremony

The  Convocation Awards Ceremony held on 18th of August 2017 was a celebration showcasing the year?s winners of Convocation awards, prizes and scholarships. The eighteen Postgraduate Research Travel Awards and Bryant Stokes Matilda Award for Cultural Excellence were presented. For the first time the female and male Convocation Sports Scholarship and Convocation Accommodation Scholarship winners were acknowledged and presented certificates at the Convocation Awards Ceremony.

The Warden of Convocation, Dr Doug McGhie spoke of  Convocation; "the most important relationship is that between our members; powerful attachments that developed while studying as students, enjoying life in clubs and sporting teams, and enhanced while working and living together throughout the world. The connections are life-long, keeping graduates in touch, and enabling Convocation to build on those personal relationships."

Professor Kent Anderson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Community and Engagement, professed three times, 'I love Convocation' likening Convocation to the UWA tribe. Professor Anderson emphasised that Convocation is important and that it celebrates a lasting connection to a place and to the exploration of ideas.

In the last five years Convocation has contributed and facilitated awards and scholarships valued in excess of $250,000. It is the contribution and giving back of the Convocation members (the graduates of UWA), that assists with the awards, scholarships and prizes. These awards, scholarships and prizes celebrate achievement and excellence, so emphasising the research culture at UWA. Some Convocation awards are generously supplemented by other donors such as Professor Bryant Stokes, UWA Sports, the Graduate Research School and the Post Graduate Students' Association.

Ms Karen Paiva Henrique from the School of Earth and Environment, Geography, and recipient of the 2016 Geoffrey Kennedy Postgraduate Research Travel Award, spoke of her experiences and discoveries from using her award to spend five months in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her research, communications with different stakeholders, and observations brought to light other issues impinging on climate change in the area.

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Ms Karen Paiva Henrique speaking about Climate Change  

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2017 Convocation Awards Ceremony Photos

2017 Convocation Awards Ceremony

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