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2018 Convocation Awards Ceremony

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The  Convocation Awards Ceremony held on 16 August 2018 was a celebration showcasing the year's winners of Convocation awards, prizes and scholarships.

2018 Convocation Awards Ceremony

20 Convocation Postgraduate Research Travel Awards, two Convocation Sports Scholarships, the Bryant Stokes Matilda Award for Cultural Excellence, the Convocation Accommodation Scholarship, and the inaugural Convocation Undergraduate Prizes (4) were presented. The award winners were acknowledged and presented certificates at the Convocation Awards Ceremony.

More than 300 awards have been presented by Convocation and partners over the last 30 years.

The awards highlight a collaboration between Convocation, the Postgraduate Students' Association, UWA Sports and private donors. Over $300,000 has been awarded over just the last 6 years;The awards facilitate breadth and diversity in study and make excellence at UWA more achievable;

Mr Ben McAllister from the School of Physics, recipient of a the 2017 Convocation Postgraduate Research Travel Award,  gave a very interesting talk about 'Shining a light on dark matter'.  Ben spoke of his experiences and his research, and also about his experience in Paris which was made possible with the Convocation Postgraduate Research Travel Award he won last year

2018 Winners Photos

2018 Convocation Awards Ceremony

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