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An introduction to Convocation

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Convocation Council welcomes Professor Kent Anderson, Deputy Vice Chancellor Community and Engagement’s, initiative in facilitating Convocation “button” access to its membership through the “Conversations”, to be included monthly in Alumni Connect.

An introduction to Convocation

An introduction to Convocation

"Conversations" with our members have been difficult as our statutes determine that contact around elections and Ordinary Meetings must be through conventional mail, with limited access to contemporary electronic contacts. ”Conversations” will significantly improve our breadth and currency. Members should begin with Convocation’s web site  and other options will develop.

Convocation’s Council of twenty four elected members and our elected Senators work hard for the University and for Convocation’s members. Your Warden is Dr Doug McGhie and Deputy Warden is Dr Joan Pope OAM. We have Councillors aged from their twenties to many decades older, a representative group. Our committees target our key functions:

  • Governance, chaired by Dr Susan King;
  • Awards chaired by Ms Nee Nee Ong;
  • Engagement and Promotions chaired by Dr Agi Gedeon;
  • Events chaired by Ms Julie Matheson;
  • Honours chaired by Adjunct Professor Warren Kerr AM, Immediate Past Warden; and
  • Executive chaired by Dr McGhie.
Council meets monthly and is active with its:
  • offer and selection of awards and scholarships, with the presentation Ceremony approaching;
  • preparation for its Spring Ordinary Meeting;
  • planning and invitations for the reunion of UWA’s 1967 graduates , the annual 50 year reunion; and
  • planning for next year’s elections to Senate, Council, Warden and Deputy Warden. The Warden and Deputy are elected for one year terms with the others for three years.

Vice Chancellor Professor Dawn Freshwater joined Council’s June meeting and reflected on the value of Convocation to the University, appreciating the substance of Convocation’s establishment by Act and statute. She highlighted the importance of having as many as possible working to advance the University’s agenda. She encouraged global contributions from Convocation’s members, through ideas, problem-solving, innovation, student support, campus activation, and lobbying government. Convocation’s membership exceeds 100,000. The many strong networks built up through study, work and friendship offer enormous horsepower to the University.

Convocation’s role in supporting scholarship is very important, having awarded more than $250, 000 over the last five years, in undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, residential, sports and cultural prizes and scholarships. The 2017 Convocation Awards Ceremony will be held on August 18th 2017. An Awards update will be posted in the September “Conversations”, with further information at Prizes and Scholarships  section of Convocation website.

Convocation Council is excited about its future in a heightened partnership with the University of Western Australia, helping to bring the University and its graduates closer together. You will see connections with and stories of graduates you know and remember well. If there are aspects you wish to see addressed please contact Warden of Convocation or Convocation .