Convocation of UWA Graduates

Convocation Medals Awarded in Recognition of Outstanding Services

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During Convocation's Spring Ordinary Meeting held on Friday 20 September 2019 at The University Club, two recipients were honoured with Convocation Medals.

Convocation Medals

Convocation Medals Awarded in Recognition of Outstanding Services

Elliott Wallace
2019 Student Volunteer Award Winner Elliott Wallace was previously presented a Convocation certificate during a presentation as part of National Student Volunteer Week (12-18th August), which culminated in a ceremony on 15th August.

Elliott is a well-deserved recipient, who has dedicated considerable time to volunteering in recent years. He is the Volunteering and Community Engagement Chair on the Student Guild, which involves developing policies for the Guild Volunteering team, liaising with non-profit organisations and faculty societies to secure partnerships or arrange activities, and various other tasks.

Since 2018, he has also been a UniMentor, allowing him to assist new students in their transition to life at UWA.

Outside of the university, Elliott helped found, and co-manages Coastal Clean Up Crew, a volunteer organisation which focuses on natural resource management. Clean ups occur weekly in areas both north and south of the river.

"Volunteering develops soft skills and prepares you for a global career, but also can be very fun as well," said Elliott. "I try and bring a lot of enthusiasm and fun into the role to inspire people of the benefits of volunteering."

Juanita Perez

Long-time Convocation Officer Juanita Perez was given a surprise Convocation Medal and certificate during the Spring Ordinary Meeting.

Juanita was recognised by the Convocation Council as the person who so capably operates behind the scenes to ensure that Convocation continues its fine legacy of service to UWA.

When Juanita first joined the staff of UWA in 2001, she was assigned to the Finance and Accounting Department which later became the UWA Business School.  She was appointed to Convocation in 2002 and served five years before being seconded to the Confucius Institute for three years.

Fortunately, she returned to Convocation in 2010 and has been there for the last nine years in her current capacity as the Convocation Officer.  During her time with Convocation, Juanita has worked with seven Wardens and has proved to be an invaluable resource, with deep knowledge of UWA's financial systems, governance arrangements, election protocols, public relations requirements, strategic objectives and operational systems. Her ability to juggle many demanding tasks simultaneously with her wisdom and friendly nature make her a well-respected and dependable asset to UWA and Convocation.

Juanita has given 18 years of excellent service to UWA utilising the invaluable experience she has gained at top-level international establishments.

Throughout her career she has supported and advised many who have received accolades while she so often melts into the background when it is she who should be receiving these commendations.

Warden of Convocation Dr Doug McGhie presented the award to both worthy recipients.