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Convocation Welcomed to the Masterplan Table

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Convocation Council welcomed Mr Robert Webster, UWA's Executive Director of Corporate Services, to their June meeting last week.

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Convocation Welcomed to the Masterplan Table

Convocation Council welcomed Mr Robert Webster, UWA's Executive Director of Corporate Services, to their June meeting last week. Robert is leading the Environment theme for the Vice Chancellor's Vison 2030 strategy development and is developing a position paper on that area.

The five key themes for the 2030 strategy are Education, Research, Environment, Multidisciplinary and People and Culture, with each one being underpinned by background green papers and strong consultation. Before the Corporate Strategy goes to Senate, each theme is to engage with stakeholders, including all the voices on campus, approximately 25,000 students, 3,000 university staff, industry partners both on and off campus, colleges, and the future students who are still to graduate from high school. Convocation is also invited and a working group has been formed from Council subsequent to Robert's invitation at the meeting. A Campus Master Plan will be developed between July 2018 and March 2019, and this will sit alongside the Corporate Strategy.

Under the Environment theme Robert spoke about improving the utilization of university landholdings, citing Reid Library as an excellent example of how developments have seen utilization of the library increase tenfold. Planning is to improve the core purpose of the university (education, research and engagement).

Examples of international trends in campus development included the use of technology to improve established architectural spaces (e.g. Oxford University library, built 1530 AD) and create more intimate, customised spaces that bring together smaller groups of students, researchers and enterprises together in a richer, more engaging space (e.g. The Hive at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore).

After Robert's presentation comments and questions related to the cold spots and times on campus, the definition of sustainability and the use of external university examples, whether in Australia or overseas.

The working group is expected to meet with Robert in the next couple of weeks.

Warden of Convocation Dr Doug McGhie thanked Robert for the opportunity for Convocation Council, representing all graduates of the University, to be involved in this important planning process.

Members who wish to contribute their ideas should contact Ms Juanita Perez, the Convocation Officer, for further information.