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First Ever Virtual Ordinary Meeting for Convocation

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Unprecedented times have called for extraordinary measures right across The University of Western Australia, including for the Convocation of UWA Graduates.

Virtual Ordinary Meeting for Convocation

First Ever Virtual Ordinary Meeting for Convocation

The 2020 First Ordinary Meeting of Convocation, originally scheduled for 20 March at The University Club, was postponed due to COVID-19, but took place online on 24 April with over 56 UWA graduates in attendance.

Retiring Warden of Convocation, Dr Doug McGhie, said the live streamed meeting using the Zoom video conferencing platform was a great success.

"While this autumn Ordinary Meeting was shorter than normal, it had to be held to declare the results of last Convocation elections," Dr McGhie said.

"And, for the very first time, we had Convocation members from across the globe able to take part in the event, and that was a very positive and welcome development.

"UWA graduates are spread out around the world and it was fantastic that some of them were able to join in."

Dr McGhie said even when Ordinary Meetings are once again held at the University Club, this experience running the meeting entirely online and involving graduates across Australia and the world will allow Convocation to consider ways to always allow online participation for those unable to attend in person.

"There are many UWA graduates living right here in Perth – often not that far from our campus – who have regularly attended Ordinary Meetings in the past, but now find it difficult to attend," he said.

“Having this online attendance capability for all future meetings would be very much welcomed by a very large number of UWA graduates.”

Dr McGhie thanked Convocation Council and all Convocation members for their wonderful support over the last three years he has been Warden of Convocation, and wished Clinical Professor Lesley Cala all the very best as she takes on this important leadership role.

He said a recording of this First Ordinary Meeting, with all video reports and documentation, is now available online at for anyone who missed the event.


  • The membership of Convocation comprises all 130,000 graduates of UWA
  • As a community and network of graduates, Convocation forms the electorate for elections of members to the UWA Senate and the Council of Convocation
  • Further information on Convocation is available at