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Founding Families Centenary Event

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The late suggestion that a ‘finale’ Centenary event be arranged for relatives of the people directly connected with Irwin St in 1913 led to a flurry of activity for some Historical Society and Convocation members.

Founding Families Centenary

Founding Families Centenary Event

A full list of members of the Senate, staff, students, and importantly the legislated Convocation was compiled for the first time.

Searches with the assistance of the WA Genealogical Society, and the West Australian column ‘Can You Help’, produced the married names of many of the 58 women students and their relatives.

Fortunately, tracking down the living descendants for the men involved with UWA in 1913 was a little easier.

On Friday 8 November, Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Johnson and Chair of the Centenary Committee Dr Sue Boyd greeted the sons, daughters, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nephews and nieces of UWA's founding cohort, in the Prescott Room of the Vice-Chancellery. A unique occasion indeed! 

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