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Honouring One of our Own - Professor Geoff Laurent Memorial Fellowship

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Professor Geoff Laurent was an acclaimed scientist and globally renowned world class researcher on every aspect of respiratory health.

Geoff Laurent

Honouring One of our Own - Professor Geoff Laurent Memorial Fellowship

He was inspirational, whether on the sporting field (football, golf, cycling to name but a few) or in a lab surrounded by the latest technology, his curiosity and intellect were infectious. Geoff completed his Bachelor of Science degree with first class honours at the University of Western Australia (UWA) in 1974, and his PhD in 1978.

He was given an opportunity to travel overseas through a postgraduate travel scholarship when he studied at the National Heart and Lung Institute / Royal Brompton Hospital London. He eventually became Professor and Director of the Centre for Respiratory Research at University College London (UCL).

Geoff published over 200 articles in international journals of biomedical research and was awarded the European Respiratory Society Presidential Award for his contribution to lung science. In 2006 he was elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences and President of the British Association for Lung Research.

Sadly, Geoff died while cycling in Geneva in August 2018.

To honour his life and the impact he made, the Professor Geoff Laurent Memorial Fellowship is being established to inspire the next generation of medical scientists. The objective of the Fellowship is to advance his outstanding work in understanding the basis of respiratory disease and in discovering novel therapeutic approaches through collaborative research. A collaboration has been established between the universities with which he was most involved: UWA and UCL.

Funds will be held and administered by the University of Western Australia in an endowed fund.

If you wish to contribute, you may make your donation here