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New Leadership of UWA Graduates

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Greetings to all UWA Graduates from the new Warden, Clinical Professor Lesley Cala

2020 Warden of Convocation Clinical Professor Lesley Cala

New Leadership of UWA Graduates

Greetings to all UWA Graduates from the new Warden, Clinical Professor Lesley Cala

I have taken office at what is a challenging time for us all. However, I have been assured of support from the UWA Executive, Faculty Executive Deans, Deans and Heads of School which is very reassuring. Added to that is a very impressive Council and the expertise of the Convocation Officer and her Administrative Assistant.

I am pleased to report that a closer connection has been made with the School of Indigenous Studies, which is soon to have a new building in July. Convocation will be recognising Samara King as the recipient of the Convocation Faculty Prize, worth $1500, being the student with the highest aggregate for the three years of the course.

Driven by the requirement of social distancing for COVID-19, all Committee and Council meetings have been by Zoom video conferencing since March. This will probably still be the situation for the Spring Ordinary Meeting 18th September. This format will allow Regional and International Convocation Members to be involved. UWA IT licence can host up to 27,000 attendees, meaning we can go worldwide on the night.

I am encouraged by the possibility of greater liaison occurring with the Academic Board and the Student Guild.

Convocation now has a visible identity with its own flag being allowed to fly at the time of Ordinary Meetings, Graduations and other special events.

Convocation flag flying from community flag pole for one week

Thanks to assistance from BMR, the Convocation web pages are being updated and redesigned.

New Councillors and returning Councillors have been welcomed and are now included in one or more of the 10 Council sub-committees.

An issue of great importance is waiting to hear the acceptance of Convocation's recommendations by the Senate, with respect to the changes in the University Act of 1913, moving to a single Statute, within which are four Chapters.

The Strategic Plan of Council is undergoing a revision over the next few months as the last one is five years old. This will expedite triage of a number of projects identified by the Convocation Review Committee.

Please do not hesitate to send your ideas to my desk and I will do my best to introduce them into the function of Council.

Best wishes from Lesley Cala, Warden.