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UWA graduates - vote now for 2021 Convocation elections

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UWA graduates: vote now for 2021 Convocation elections

Graduates of The University of Western Australia are being urged to cast their votes in the annual elections for Convocation of UWA Graduates, with voting packs posted out at the end of January.

Voting will open in the first week of February and graduates will have the opportunity to vote for the election of:

  1. The Warden of Convocation
  2. The Deputy Warden of Convocation
  3. Eight Members of the Council of Convocation (six of whom are elected for three years, and two of whom are elected for two years)
  4. One Member to Senate by Convocation

In accordance with clause 45(1) of the UWA Statute, Convocation approves an electronic voting process and a postal voting process for elections.

Voting closes 9 March 2021 and the election results will be announced at the First Ordinary Meeting of Convocation, taking place on Friday 19 March 2021.

For voting support please contact CorpVote on 1300 147 797 or [email protected].


  • The membership of Convocation comprises all 130,000 graduates of UWA
  • As a community and network of graduates, Convocation forms the electorate for elections of members to the UWA Senate and the Council of Convocation
  • Further information on Convocation is available at