Convocation of UWA Graduates

Why Should I Vote in the Convocation Elections?

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If you are reading this as an alumnus of UWA the odds are that you are a graduate and all graduates of UWA are automatically members of Convocation.

Doug McGhie

Why Should I Vote in the Convocation Elections?

UWA's Senate has recently adopted the definition that only the graduates of UWA and those with Honorary degrees can be referred to as UWA's Alumni. In the past the definition was rather broader, including short course attendees and visitors in some cases.  For many graduates this clarification and tightening of the relationship between graduates and alumni will be welcome.

Given that you are a member, you should consider voting for the Deputy Warden of Convocation, members of the Council of Convocation and one of the members of Senate elected by the members of Convocation. These are your representatives who work, as volunteers, with the University's staff and students, maintaining the ongoing value of your UWA degree and that of those who follow you.

UWA is the only Western Australian University with an enduring history whereby its graduates remain a part of the University. Through Convocation and its elected Council, you remain connected to the University, twice a year at the Ordinary Meetings, but also at any time through the Warden, Deputy Warden, Immediate Past Warden and your Council.

We know that fellow graduates like to be recognised as graduates, because they are proud of the degree they earned at UWA and we promote that within the University. We know that you like to meet and chat with fellow graduates, no matter the age and whether previously known to you or not.

Your Council has a role to connect and communicate with our fellow graduates so they can do the same with each other, and to celebrate their achievements. The Council is a small dedicated part of that network of well over 150,000 graduates of UWA. They are the glue that holds it together and will be able to help you reconnect if you have drifted away. It's this network that provides the power of Convocation, the graduate body.

Council and Convocation also accept a role to help current students have the best possible experience while at UWA, as that is one of the best ways to ensure the great reputation of our degrees endures.

In its many roles Council works with the Office of Development an Alumni Relations, the professional arm of the University which is charged with supporting similar goals and has full time staff to support these.

I'll be there again as nobody has stood against me this year, but it will be my third and last as Warden. There are many excellent members of Convocation who can replace me then.

You could look at standing for Council next year and maybe a few years later, just like it has happened for me, you might find yourself as Warden.

Convocation is a very good organisation and a significant part of the University.

If you have not already done so, have a look at the voting papers and make your mark.