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Convocation aims to keep all UWA Graduates informed of our activities and other news relating to both Convocation or Graduates.

If you have any news that you would like placed on the Convocation website, please contact the Office of Convocation.

Geoff Laurent
Honouring One of our Own - Professor Geoff Laurent Memorial Fellowship

Date: 23/08/2019
Professor Geoff Laurent was an acclaimed scientist and globally renowned world class researcher on every aspect of respiratory health.

Arman Siahvashi
UWA PhD graduate Arman Siahvashi being named as one of Australia's Most Innovative Engineers

Date: 29/07/2019
Convocation celebrates with UWA PhD graduate Arman Siahvashi being named as one of Australia's Most Innovative Engineers, and finalist for two categories in the WA Innovator of the Year 2019. Arman is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the School of Engineering

Raj Kurup
Dr Raj Kurup selected as one of Australia's top 30 Most Innovative Engineers 2019

Date: 26/07/2019
UWA Convocation Council member Dr Raj Kurup has been selected as one of Australia’s top 30 Most Innovative Engineers 2019 by the Institution of Engineers Australia, an honour for which he was previously recognised in 2017.

Past Chancellors Support Convocation Awards

Date: 11/06/2019
One of the highlights of the Convocation year is the presentation of our awards at the annual Awards Ceremony.

Award for Excellence for top Commerce Student

Date: 11/06/2019
The Convocation Undergraduate Prize in Bachelor of Commerce has been awarded to Emily Luu who won the Convocation Prize for her top marks in her final year of the Bachelor of Commerce in 2018.

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