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The 2022 UWA Convocation Autumn Ordinary Meeting will be held online on Friday 18 March 2022 at 6.30pm (AWST) livestreamed.

Professor Ray da Silva Rosa

All UWA graduates and other members of Convocation are invited to join the Autumn Ordinary Meeting online on Friday 18 March 2022 at 6.00pm for a 6.30pm start.

The guest speaker for the evening, Professor Ray da Silva Rosa, Chair of Academic Board & Council, Member of UWA Senate, Chair, UWA Taskforce on the Future of Learning and Professor of Finance, PhD, BCom(Hons) will give a talk on

“WA university mergers: Whose Perspective Counts?”

Or by:

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (08) 6488 3006

Meeting Agenda Read Meeting Booklet

  1. Welcome
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of the Spring Ordinary Meeting held on Friday 17 September 2021
  4. Amendments and motion of acceptance of minutes
  5. Business arising from the minutes
  6. Correspondence
  7. Results of Convocation Elections for Warden, Deputy Warden, Members of the Council of Convocation and one member of Senate
  8. Vice-Chancellor’s Report
  9. Guild President’s Report
  10. Warden’s Report
  11. Convocation Officer’s Report
  12. Other Business
    • UWA Convocation Medal – 2021 Convocation Outstanding Student Volunteer

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Spring Ordinary Meeting Papers