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Winner Postgraduate Research Travel Awards 2014

Winner of the Convocation Postgraduate Award 2014 Page

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The Postgraduate Research Travel Awards enable postgraduate research students to enhance and to gain new perspectives on their work through travel in Australia or overseas.

Winner of the Convocation Postgraduate Award 2014

Paola Magni Top scoring winner of the Convocation Postgraduate Award 2014

Video developed by Paola Magni
Postgraduate student at UWA, Centre for Forensic Science

Forensic Science is the application of Science to Crime Scene Investigation and the majority of the research and case studies are focused on the fate of human remains especially found in terrestrial environments.

But Earth is the “Blue Planet”, covered by natural and artificial waters and on many occasions we find a corpse in an aquatic environment as a consequence of natural deaths, suicides, homicides, or mass disasters.

At present little research has been focused on “crime scenes in aquatic environments” and this type of research is unknown in Australia.

Researchers in the Centre for Forensic Science are interested in this topic of aquatic forensics and they require expertise in different water-related disciplines to join them in this venture, developing a research proposal.

This innovative project is the application of biology, biogegraphy and oceanography to identify the floating time, the provenance and the causes of death of human remains found in different aquatic environments.

If you would like to know more about this topic, learn about our current and future research projects or maybe you would like to join us in the submission of an ARC grant, then please send an e-mail to Centre for Forensic Science.

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